AR-FIT is a training program for the active adult athlete, committed to staying healthy and being better prepared to participate in their sport of choice. Structured as an hour-long work-out, AR-FIT combines a wide range of movement velocities with a variety of loads to safely expose muscles to a training program that will raise an athlete's fitness threshold. 

Customize your training schedule with individualized, small-group speed, agility, strength, and balance.  Each training package includes a performance or threshold assessment to construct a program that will focus on your opportunities for improvement while building on your strengths.

At Athletic Republic Escape our individualized approach to fitness is what sets our personal training apart; giving you expert guidance to safely help you reach the results you desire. All our trainers are nationally certified and obtained a degree in kinesiology or exercise science. Creating unprecedented training programs to help you to accomplish your goals. Are you seeking to improve your overall fitness: strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance, coordination, stress management and cardiovascular health? Do you need to find the right way to work out: correct use of equipment, and the best techniques for cardiovascular, and free-weight training? Take charge of your health and fitness – let us help you find the program that’s right for you. Call us at (856) 581-9120 to learn more.